Adriana Lee


Topic of talk: Relationships, and Chakra Balancing

Adriana Lee is a Las Vegas born yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer. She is all about self discovery and empowerment through yoga. She teaches her students how to breathe, how to feel, and how to get reacquainted with their bodies. As a teacher, she breaks down big concepts and complicated poses into bite sized pieces to make them more accessible. Her teaching is based in anatomy and biomechanics. Students leave the class feeling refreshed, connected to their bodies, and empowered. She says, “My yoga journey began when I was too young to understand the importance of what I was learning - I thought it was just exercise. But it made an imprint on me. Later, yoga helped me to heal past traumas, body dysmorphia, and more. It became my safe haven. I learned to be strong, resilient, and more importantly I learned how to navigate my emotions rather than numb them. That’s what made me want to teach. I wanted to teach people to heal their own minds and bodies.“ Her intention is to share what she has learned about the magic of movement & the bliss of being. Certifications: 300 Hour YTT HIBS Yoga, Las Vegas, NV 200 Hour YTT Frog Lotus Yoga Suryalila, Spain 50 Hour Advanced Yoga Training CEUs Heba Saab Yoga School 50 Hour Budokon Yoga Teacher Training, Miami, FL 300 Hour Advanced YTT Heba Saab Yoga School, Las Vegas, NV Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunements Stott Pilates 200 Hour Barre Above POUND Fit RealRyder Indoor Cycling