Leanne Kurtzweil


Topic of talk: Creating strength from the inside and how incorporating a fitness routine into your life helps your overall well being.

I am a health and wellness professional with a passion for owning and operating a Boutique Fitness studio. I co-founded SALT Fitness and have been teaching classes, operating my studios and leading a team of fitness professionals since 2009. Growing up I was a soccer player and I continued this passion playing on the first Division 1 women's soccer team at the University of Illinois. After college I worked in finance for 10 years, but climbing the corporate ladder left me feeling unhealthy and unfulfilled. I left that career to pursue a dream of combining my passion for fitness with the skills bI learned during my 10 years working in banking. SALT's primary business remains our 3 Chicagoland locations. We also operate a Virtual Streaming Platform and an On-demand Channel "SALT Connect." No matter how you find us, our goal is to build a community with an inclusive culture that will empower our clients to be their best self - building strength for mind and body, from the inside (from anywhere.) Our workouts include Barre, Cycle, FIT (safe high intensity option), Strength and Stretch. Our team continuously evolves SALT's offerings to keep classes fresh, motivating and inspiring. In conjunction with a Certified Health Coach we also offer a 21-day clean eating program "Built by SALT", this allows us to help our clients reach their unique, personal goals in a supportive environment.