Priya Mulvihill


Topic of talk: Eating Disorders / Restrictive Eating and the impact on hormone health & push towards personalized nutrition instead of diet trends) Clean baking - healthy plant based swaps

I'm an entrepreneur, wife, and student of Ayurvedic Nutrition. I founded & created You Again™ to bring ancient Ayurvedic ingredients into the modern world. You Again™ is a functional baking brand inspired by ancient nutrition and Ayurvedic principles. As an endurance athlete, I struggled finding the right balance between exertion and nutrition, which led to a decade long eating disorder accompanied by a number of health issues; hormone disruption & bone deterioration being the most concerning. I lost my menstrual cycle for nine years and developed early onset osteoporosis at the age of 28, the result of training too hard and malnutrition. I eventually ditched calorie counting, turning to the fad “diet trends”, not realizing I was causing more harm than good. I finally found Ayurvedic and functional medicine that teaches us we are all unique and one diet does not fit all. With my Indian heritage, I was always exposed to Ayurvedic practices, but it wasn’t until I forced my body far out of balance that I began my deep research and understanding of the ancient modality. While on the road to recovery, I started adding ancient Ayurvedic superfoods and adaptogens into my recipes and began to find more "food freedom" in baking good-for-you, restriction-free treats & cookies. After years of perfecting, You Again™ Baking Mixes were born.