Sarah Avery


Topic of talk: My story, path to entrepreneurship and why I do what I do.

Moon Cycle Seed Company is based in nature, backed by science. Founded by Sarah Avery, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Professional Yoga Therapist. She specializes in women's health issues and sees the benefits of maintaining balanced hormones across the lifespan. Moon Cycle Seed Company was inspired by a need for women to understand the role that hormones play in their body. Dr. Avery says, "I am passionate about using food as medicine, so I consistently encourage others who struggle with women's health issues—like what I experienced with PMS, acne, painful periods, and a difficult transition from hormonal birth control—to consider natural methods. I'm the oldest of six sisters, so I am invested in providing women of all ages functional methods for health and wellness. Seed cycling alone has helped alleviate my symptoms a great deal. Throughout my own journey to live a balanced life, I have also discovered the benefits of syncing food and exercise to the rhythms of my cycle to optimize my overall wellbeing. This is something I share and encourage with my family, friends, and patients regularly. I am grateful to be a small piece of the women's health community that continues to thrive and grow." Moon Cycle Seed Company is here to guide you on the path to using incredible superfoods to enhance your well-being and enrich your life!