Sol Ballard


Topic of talk: Imposter Syndrome

Sol Ballard is a business mindset coach and author of the upcoming book, You’re Meant For Bigger Things. She guides entrepreneurs to take dynamic action towards their business dreams with her spiritual yet psychological approach to success. She successfully transitioned from her background in broadcast journalism and weather forecasting to speaking on hundreds of stages and creating potent programs that guide her audience to rev up their influence over themselves and confidently move towards the world shaking goals they were truly meant for. In her early professional years Sol set aside the conventional professional path follow her then passion as a model and TV personality. She appeared on the cover of SkyMall magazine, worked along side actors like Kate Walsh before switching gears towards the world of news. Once working as a weather forecaster and journalist for an NBC Affiliate station she realized she had a meaningful message to spread to the world. Since then she has helped hundreds of people successfully get clear on what they truly desire, reposition their mindset to achieve those desires, and move them towards massive upwards action.