Steph Strauss


Topic of talk: The Power of Intention Setting, Mindfulness + Meditation

Steph is a certified 200-hr yoga instructor, 100-hr meditation instructor, yoga sculpt instructor, and fitness instructor who strongly believes in the power of setting intentions. Since her mindfulness journey began over 9 years ago, she manifested 5 intentions in her life. After her 4th intention came true, she realized it was time to GO BIG. Guess what happened? Her 5th and BIGGEST intention yet came true. Still reading? Well, you are in luck, she’ll be sharing everything about her intention work during the event and guiding you through some of her own personal intentions she is working with (and currently manifesting) right now. Her mission is to help you learn to prioritize, take good care of yourself and live a life of intention. She is a compassionate and dedicated facilitator who creates a safe space for you to manifest intentions, open your heart and connect to yourself on a deeper level. Through joy, expression and her signature WEIRD, she guides and motivates you to unlock energy, reduce stress, and open up to your true and unlimited potential.