Balance Your Hormones 

A life without PMS can be

your reality.



A life without
PMS can be
your reality.

In a general population study completed with 1,500 women, we found that there is a universal problem:

--> 98% of the participants that menstruate... experience one or more symptoms

(bloating, migraines, PMS, breast tenderness, cramps, etc).

--> 70% of the participants are using at least one intervention

...to address their cycle symptoms and issues, most commonly non-prescription pain relievers.

Our Philosophy:

It’s our philosophy that even small changes are enough to feel a difference. Our goal is to educate you about how your lifestyle may be affecting your hormones and to give you the road map to bring balance. Change is hard, and we know that! That’s why we meet you where you’re at, where you can apply the knowledge at your own pace. We’re here along with you, every step of the way! The best part of it, is that you don’t have to totally turn your life around.

And while having PMS symptoms is obviously a common problem -

We do not have to suffer like it’s our destiny.

This course is for the Woman who:

  • wants to feel good ALL month long. 
  • wants to own her health and know what her body needs to feel good.
  • loathes her period and dreads that time of the month
  • is open to making simple yet powerful lifestyle shifts to enhance her health and diminish her PMS symptoms.
  • wants to set herself up for good hormonal health for the rest of her reproductive life and beyond.
  • seeks answers about her PMS and hormonal health that she has not found yet.
  • feels like she is doing everything right but still doesn’t feel well.
  • “just feels off” and can’t quite pinpoint why.

This course is for women ready to balance their hormones, connect with their body's natural cycles, and step into who they always knew they could be. 

What if there was another way for women to relieve their symptoms?

There is!  In The Cycle Solution Course: Beating PMS, we do just that. 

Instead of only addressing the symptoms and using temporary solutions like a bandaid, Beating PMS uses the philosophies of functional medicine and holistic medicine.  We get to the root causes of why you are suffering (Spoiler!!  It’s hormonal imbalance and inflammation)  We also address the health of the entire body and how your Modern Day Lifestyle is impacting your hormones and PMS symptoms.

Beating PMS will lay out in an easy to understand program how our bodies work and why we are experiencing the symptoms we are. 

We will also go over the root cause of hormonal imbalance and inflammation-two main culprits behind PMS symptoms.   We will then take a deep dive into what in our Modern Day Lifestyles is contributing to our PMS symptoms and how to eliminate them

After we eliminate, then we explore what the body needs nutritionally and lifestyle-based to heal and re-balance.

The Course
Introduction to the course.
PMS symptoms, why we have them and why we shouldn’t have to deal with them
Four Foundational Functional Phases
Elimination and importance of detoxing for hormonal balance
What to add and how to nourish yourself to beat PMS.
Lifestyle Practices to Beat PMS

Why you need this course:

  • You want to have regular periods again or for the first time in your life.
  • You no longer want to experience anxiety every month wondering what symptoms your period will bring
  • You want to stop dealing with fatigue, weight gain, adult acne and migraines.
  • You want to stop feeling anxiety, brain fog and mood swings.
  • You want to feel empowered knowing how to use your natural hormonal fluctuations to your advantage.
  • You’re tired of just covering up your symptoms and want to know the “why” behind them.
  • You’re ready to be your own health advocate by knowing how your own body works
  • It’s time for you to feel empowered and not have to rely on the limited solutions available from your health care provider.

After taking
Beating PMS you will feel empowered by the knowledge you will gain.

You will be able to advocate for yourself and have a very good understanding about your hormones and why you are experiencing PMS symptoms. You will be given the tools to improve your lifestyle in a way that meets you where you’re at. Beating PMS gives you the flexibility to incorporate changes where and when it fits your current lifestyle. You will learn the “why” behind recommended changes and decide if you’re ready and how to implement into your life.

We believe small changes

 lead to big outcomes! 

Many of those outcomes come in the form of more energy, better restful sleep, clearer skin, a sharper mind, better mood and...

 ...a more vibrant you.

The Program


Here's what you get:

The Cycle Solution: Beating PMS is a 9 module program complete with:

  • Downloads
  • Webinars
  • Elite access to community and support
  • Recipes & meal plans
  • Access to our App

You get all of this for $297!

It’s unbelievable how we as women have been conditioned to believe that having painful and unwanted PMS symptoms are normal and something we must live with.

We’ve been inundated with marketing and societal norms telling us that every month we will feel like crap and be moody and bitchy, all of which can be helped by popping a pill or stuffing our faces with junk food to feel better.

This is Wrong!!!

It doesn’t need to be this way.
Yes, our hormones fluctuate during our cycle and with that we feel biological and psychological changes. But they don’t have to be bad. Hormones are not the enemy! In fact, they are what make women magical, beautiful and awesome!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Program


Here's what you get:

The Cycle Solution: Beating PMS is a 9 module program complete with:

  • Downloads
  • Webinars
  • Elite access to community and support
  • Recipes & meal plans
  • Access to our App

You get all of this for $297!

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