Together, we can make more of a difference... 

Dear prospective partner,

At The Cycle Solution, it is one of my missions to provide and curate the resources, information, and guidance towards a hormonal balance for all women that will produce the greatest health impact for each unique individual.  It is truly my passion to help other people reach their wellness goals, and I need your help in doing this.

With every purchase of our course you have the opportunity to share this knowledge, and point people to a solution that can change their world. In doing so, we want to reward you for your efforts, and being an advocate for other women as well. There’s no greater gift, than the gift of health! 

Here’s how simple it is:

You refer someone back to us, who purchases our course, and you will receive a referral fee. In the event you want to share this with everyone you know, those fees can amount to upwards of 50% of the overall cost of the course, being $145 back in your pocket! Make 2 referrals, and that amounts to the overall cost of the course.

We are looking to identify people and groups who are doing meaningful work in our communities and that share the same philosophy of hormonal balance and ultra-wellness.  We believe that we can make a greater impact on one’s health and wellness together and make a difference one individual, one family, one community at a time. I strongly believe we can make a societal difference in doing this together .

Our Referral Partner program allows us to build a trustworthy, collaborative partnership that will help spread the word about hormonal health, and positive outcomes. Let's face it, with 90% of all women struggling with their hormones, we all know someone who could benefit from our courses. We built this referral program to allow you to not only share this with your friend, family, coworkers but to also benefit financially in doing so. This isn’t a MLM or a pyramid type platform, but a true referral program that allows you to provide this info, and share in the revenue from doing so. A total win-win! 

By being part of our Partner Referral Program, you will benefit from each purchase your referrals make through your referral link on your website, blog or social media channel.

Megan x

Where to Begin

Becoming a preferred partner is an extremely easy and quick process. Simply fill out the Preferred Referral Partner request form below and we will get back to you to discuss next steps.

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