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As a population, we’ve never been more nutrient-deprived, toxin-exposed and overscheduled than we are at this point in history, all of which is wreaking havoc on our health and wellbeing.


Between technology use, COVID mandates, e-learning, job responsibilities, relationships, lack of movement, and rebalancing home life with working, stress and anxiety are at an all time high!


It’s no surprise you’re feeling this way.


And that’s why I’m so excited to tell you about - 

The Foundations of Women’s Wellness Summit!


The goal for this summit is to help you get connected to “you”! I’m going to introduce you to others walking in the same footsteps you are right now, who have solutions that are simple, yet effective and long term.




Join 25 + wellness experts over 4 days to learn how to
finally own your health and give your body the care it needs to recover, heal and thrive! 

MARCH 2-5, 2021


If you’re searching for the “why” to your struggles with gut health, sleep, skin, stress management, movement, or just feeling off - or anything in between, I want to help you discover your WHY and help you find your ANSWER.

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Health Experts

Join 25 + experts as they address everything from the Sleep, Movement, Gut Health, Skin Health, Stress Relief, Clean eating and Living and empowerment.

Holistic Wellness

The Foundations of Women's Wellness Summit covers a wide variety of important functional topics pertaining to your health and wellness. Walk away with a new perspective and knowledge and practical tools you can start using right away.


Meaning you’ll be able to walk away with practices and knowledge that you can apply to your daily lifestyle with the know-how to do so. Many of the talks provide movement sequences and as well as cooking demos that you can follow along with, as you watch. All of our talks will have practices and resources that you can implement with ease. With the Foundations, it’s not just about the education, but the application as well!

You might also be looking to just level up, and if so, I can assure you will want to hear from these amazing experts. Trust me, regardless of where you are in your health journey, you will learn some valuable lessons to apply to your lifestyle.


Featuring some of the most respected wellness professionals in the field of Natural Solutions! 


Megan Cooper

Founder of The Cycle Solution

Utilizing a Whole Body Approach to Balance Your Hormones

Priya Mulvihill

Founder of You Again Foods

Clean Baking and the Intro to Ayurveda and Adaptogens

Cassie Temple

Founder of My Stomach Hates Me Blog

Food Intolerances, Allergies, Gluten and Dairy Free Living

Chloe Skerlak

Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner

Fertility Awareness Method & Body Literacy for Youth

Kailey Donewald

Founder of Sacred Serve

Discover the powerful connection between diet and disease

Sarah Avery

Founder of Moon Cycle Seed Co

How to Take Control of Your Hormones with Seed Cycling

Jessica Nazareth

Naturopathic Med Student

The Variations of PCOS & How to Heal it

Landy Peek

Founder of Best Birth Healing

Emotional and Physical Healing from Birth Trauma

Dr. Alyssa Hariprashad

Physical Therapist and Creator of the Pelvic Floor Playbook

All About Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Hannah Duffy

Certified Meditation Coach

How to Integrate Meditation Into Your Daily Life

Amelia Bell Sargent

Founder of Dance instructor

Movement is Joy 

Leanne Kurtzweil

Co-Founder of Salt Fitness

Creating Strength from Within

Tami Conway

Co-Founder of Salt Fitness

Creating Strength from Within

Adriana Lee

Founder of Yoga with Adriana

Relationships and Chakra Balancing

Sol Ballard

"The Mindset Ninja"

Imposter Syndrome

Sarah Baker

Holistic Health Specialist and Meditation Teacher

How to Prevent, Manage & Recover from Burnout

Laurel O'Sullivan

Founder of Laura Sullivan Coaching

Maximize Your Confidence with Astrology

Tamara Mannelly

Co-Founder of Oh Lardy

Stress and Your Hormones - Using Essential Oils for Happy Hormones

Erin Bracco

Founder of Buddha Belly Kids

Movement & Strategies to Help Kids Cope.

Deana Panza

Psychotherapist, Speaker, and Coach

How to Regain Your Power Through Breathwork

Dr. Jessica Knox

Co-Founder of Knox Doc info

Why We Need to Know About the Endocannabinoid System

Dr. Geeta Maker Clark

Practicing MD

Adaptogenic Herbs to Support Women's Health

Dr. Barbie Allegretti

Practicing Functional Doc

Finding the “Sweet Spot” with Stress

Dr. Trevor Cates

Founder of The Spa Dr

Clean Skin from Within

Dr. Casey Means

Co Founder of Levels

Blood Sugar and Hormones

Stephanie Moram

Founder of Good Girl Gone Green

5 Steps to Detoxing Your Home to Live a More Vibrant Life

Farzanah Nasser

Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Practitioner

The Relationship Between Gut Health and Immunity

Steph Strauss

Certified Yoga, Meditation and Fitness Instructor

The Power of Intention Setting

Sam Murphy

Naturopathic Med Student

The Variations of PCOS & How to Heal It

Joelle Beauchamp

Vegan Recipe Developer, Professional Photographer

How to Nourish and Heal Your Body with a Plant-based Diet

Samantha MacFarlane

Meditation and Breath Work Coach

Opening Breath Work Session & Why Meditation is Crucial for Healing

Claire Kassian


Importance of Posture and Myofascial Release

Taylor Lamb

Co-founder and CMO of Juna

Could CBD Be The Endo Relief The World Is Desperate For?

Ashleigh Renard

Author and co-host of The Writers’ Bridge

How our Relationship to Ourselves is the Foundation to all Relationships

Emily Capshaw

Writer & Meditation Teacher

Utilizing CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to Address and Support Intrusive Thoughts and Triggers

Ashleigh Mayfield

Speaker & Podcaster

Building Confidence!

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Why Attend

Our speakers are nationally recognized wellness experts. Whether you are trying to eat healthier, get fit, sleep better, gain focus and clarity, detoxify your home or beauty routine or all of the above, you can learn actionable steps to living a healthier life.


For 4 days, starting March 2, I’m bringing together more than 25 amazing women who have found ways to answer these exact challenges. You’ll get insight into the “foundations” of wellness. Which encompasses overall themes of Sleep, Stress, Gut health, Nutrition, Clean Living, Movement, Balance, and Empowerment.

Each talk will provide you with a set of tools and resources to use to enhance and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

You’ll walk away feeling confident in conquering your biggest goals despite life’s circumstances. You’ll also be part of an incredible community of women who like yourself are continuously learning how to optimize their bodies and mind.

This is a powerful group of knowledgeable, passionate and deeply experienced women who have been at the forefront of wellness.

What they will be sharing with you are simple yet effective tools and resources to understand the importance, and “how to’s” to live your best and most vibrant life.

The Community

The Foundations of Women's Wellness Summit Tribe is unlike any other community. Meet like-minded people who can help you reach your personal and wellness goals. Our attendees are health enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, health and fitness coaches and wellness bloggers and influencers.


Get access to the summit for the entire 4-days that it airs free.


Join us, sign up and share with your friends and family. This isn’t something you’re going to want to miss.

When women feel good, good things happen!

This is a free event during March 2nd through the 5th.

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Hi, I’m Megan Cooper.

My name is Megan Cooper, You can read more about my story here
When I first started on my health journey I was coming off of several frustrating years dealing with endometriosis and the hormonal imbalances that followed it. Since taking my health into my own hands, I’ve come across so many amazing women who helped me along my journey.
After launching The Cycle Solution, i’ve also come in touch with so many brilliant and amazing women who are also helping others be the best they can. The Foundations of Women’s Wellness brings together many of these women to empower, inspire, and provide knowledge to the ones seeking solutions.

Meet Your Host, Megan

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Frequently Asked Questions

When women feel good - good things happen!


MARCH 2-5, 2021


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The Foundations of Women’s Wellness Summit



March 2, 2021 

Starting at 8am EST

  • Megan Cooper -  Opening remarks (Master of Ceremonies)
  • Dr. Barbie Allegretti - Finding the “sweet spot” with Stress
  • Landy Peek - Emotional and physical healing from birth trauma.
  • Tamara Mannelly- Stress and Your Hormones - Using Essential Oils for Happy Hormones  
  • Erin Bracco- Yoga + Mindfulness Strategies for Children to Cope with their Big Feelings
  • Farzanah Nasser - The relationship between gut health and immunity.
  • Hannah Duffy - How to integrate meditation into your daily life
  • Taylor Lamb - Could CBD Be The Endo Relief The World Is Desperate For?
  • Steph Strauss - The Power of Intention Setting + closing intention setting “I am open”

March 3, 2021 

Starting at 8am EST

  • Megan Cooper - opening remarks (Master of Ceremonies)
  • Samantha Mcfarlane - Opening Breathwork Session
  • Adriana Lee - Chakra Balancing 
  • Adriana Lee - Relationships
  • Dr. Jessica Knox - Why we need to know about the endocannabinoid system 
  • Stephanie Moram - 5 steps to detoxing your home to live a more vibrant life 
  • Kailey Donewald - The body's innate ability to heal with the right support.
  • Deana Panza- How to regain your power through breathwork 
  • Jessica Nazareth & Sam Murphy - The variations of PCOS & how to heal it.
  • Sol Ballard- Imposter Syndrome
  • Joelle Beauchamp - How to reduce inflammation, control anxiety, nourish and heal your body with a plant based diet.
  • Stephanie Strauss - closing intention setting “I am listening”

March 4, 2021 

Starting at 8am EST

  • Megan Cooper - opening remarks (Master of Ceremonies)
  • Hannah Duffy -  opening meditation/breathwork
  • Sarah Baker - Burn out: how to prevent, manage & recover from.
  • Leanne Kurtzweil/ Tami Conway - Creating Strength from Within 
  • Priya Mulvihill- Clean Baking and the intro to Ayurveda and Adaptogens 
  • Dr. Trevor Cates - Clean Skin from Within
  • Amelia Sargent - Movement is Joy.
  • Chloe Skerlak - Fertility Awareness Method 
  • Chloe Skerlak  -  Body literacy for youth. 
  • Dr. Casey Means - Relationship between metabolic health and women's health. 
  • Jordin Wiggins - How to practice pleasure during a pandemic
  • Ashleigh Renard - How our relationship to ourselves is the foundation to all relationships.
  • Stephanie Strauss - closing intention setting “I am trusting”

March 5, 2021 

Starting at 8am EST

  • Megan Cooper - Opening remarks (Master of Ceremonies)
  • Dr. Alyssa Hariprashad- All about Pelvic Floor physical therapy 
  • Laurel O'Sullivan- Maximize Your Confidence with Astrology
  • Sarah Avery - How to take control of your hormones with Seed Cycling
  • Samantha Macfarlane - Why meditation is crucial for healing 
  • Cassie Temple - Food intolerances, allergies, gluten and dairy free living 
  • Megan Cooper - Why this Summit is so important.
  • Dr. Geeta Maker-Clark - Adaptogenic Herbs to Support Womens' Health
  • Claire Kassian - Importance of posture and myofascial release
  • Emily Capshaw - Utilizing CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to address and support intrusive  thoughts and triggers.  
  • Stephanie Strauss - closing intention setting “i am taking action”
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